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STEREO-TYPE Tuesday 26th of June 2012 Matilde Martinetti / Palazzo Lucarini Contemporary

05posterweb1-225x300.jpgStereo-Type is an ongoing project by Palazzo Lucarini Contemporary aimed at investigating the changing concept of “Identity” and its mutability.The current regeneration plan, together with a (maybe?) strong characterized imagination about the Bankside area, could leave an easily open space for a rethorical approach to Union Street and its sourroundings. Though in the frame of obvious things, Stereo-Type disappoints expectations in order to urge a redefinition of the identity and image of the area. Starting from the evidence and investigating its social history alongside the appearance of brand new elements (i.e. street fornitures and flower planters), Stereo-Type is a way to discover the hidden side of Union Street. A way to make an inquiry about its changeable nature while it is shaphing itself.

Questioning stereotypes. Busting stereotypes. Knowing Union Street.

This project is a development of the previous “Stereo-Type. New Frontiers of Italian Music”, a compilation investigating the shaping of Italian national identity through the melodic music of the classical period (starting about at the end of 19th century) which has been presented at public works studio last December 2011.

Together with residentes and users of the space, an alternative road marking will be produced and stenciled alongside the official one to mark people and places that have shaped and are shaping Union Street’s multifaceted identity while undermining the obvious or conventional stereopypes. A fanzine will document the action.

Born 1976 in Italy, educated in Italy. She got a Post-graduate Degree in History of Art at University of Siena and a Master Degree in Critical Curating at MLAC – Museo Laboratorio di arte contemporanea of University La Sapienza in Rome. 

She has been Curator at Centro per l’arte contemporanea Palazzo Lucarini Contemporary in Trevi (Perugia) since 2005 and, at the same time, she works as a free-lance cultural worker, maintaining a watchful eye on the social side of artistic practice. 

Matilde Martinetti has been contributor of Juliet Art Magazine (Trieste, IT) since 2004 and, since 2010, she has been curating the periodical page “ENGLISH BREAKFAST. A Spot on London Artistic Scene”. She is co-founder of Z.ONE Cultural Crossing, IT.

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