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A.D.D. Attention Deficit Desorder

A.D.D. Attention Deficit Disorder is a contemporary art exhibition under the auspices of “VIEW. Routes of the contemporary in Umbria”, an original network project conceived by Maurizio Coccia. The project involves the Towns of Città della Pieve, Magione and Trevi in a rich series of events related to contemporary art. A.D.D. is the fifth appointment on calendar. It presents the curatorial approach of Benjamin Godsill, assistant curator at New Museum of New York for the first time in Italy, and is a selection of work from the  Il Giardino dei Lauri Collection. Palazzo Lucarini renews the synergy between public and private spaces with an exhibition that demonstrates once again how the Town of Trevi and the Cultural Association Palazzo Lucarini Contemporary, which is active there, are the voice of the most up-to-date instances of artistic research, and bearers of cutting edge cultural production.

The exhibition starts from the concept of A.D.D. – the Attention Deficit Disorder and hyperactivity that is a hallmark of our age. This is a recurrent theme in our over stimulated contemporary existence. As the Curator says «I watch TV as I listen to music as I surf the internet as I return a text message, as I look at art. It is an unending stream of concurrent and interrelated data, thoughts, ideas, and exchanges and it is all happening now.  It’s happening to you as well as me, and no less to the artists who are documenting our times and creating monuments to now. And it is in the shadow of these distracted monuments that the artists included in “A.D.D.” operate.  As might be expected, the artists included in the exhibition work in a wide range of mediums, and all of whom can be said to belong to what might be termed the “a.d.d generation” that came of age in the nineteen eighties. They are distracted yes, but they are also obsessed with failure and impotence; they came of age as the Berlin wall came down awash in the failure of both their parent’s revolts in 1968 and decadence in 1978. Based mostly in New York and Los Angeles, the artist’s of “A.D.D.” are part of the first generation of Americans to have grown up in a country in decline, surrounded by the shattered pieces of the American Dream. The works collected here are their stories.”  Working across media these artists, from the United States and Western Europe are all engaged in a description of today; of trying to create some sort of understanding of how and why we live now».


What: contemporary art group show
Curated by: Benjamin Godsill
With the support and the patronage of: Town of Trevi
Executer: Cultural Association Palazzo Lucarini Contemporary
In collaboration with: Il Giardino dei Lauri
Back-office and co-ordination: Maurizio Coccia, Matilde Martinetti, Mara Predicatori
Artists: Bozidar Brazda, Allora & Calzadilla, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Valentin Carron, Matthew Chambers, Jen DeNike, Piero Golia, Thilo Heinzmann, Adam Helms, Rashid Johnson, Scott King, Nate Lowman, Samantha Magowan, Virginia Poundstone, Stephen G. Rhodes, Vincenzo Rusciano, Eduardo Sarabia, Aurel Schmidt, Steven Shearer, Matt Sheridan Smith, Dash Snow, Aaron Young
Place: Contemporary Art Centre Palazzo Lucarini Contemporary, Via B. P. Riccardi 11, I-06039 Trevi (Perugia)
Tecnical support: COO.BE.C Cooperativa Beni Culturali
Opening: Friday, July 16th, 7pm
Dates: 2010, July 17th – September 19th
Visiting hours: from Thursday to Sunday, from 4pm to 7pm. Free entrance
Informations: Contemporary Art Centre Palazzo Lucarini Contemporary, Via B. P. Riccardi 11, I-06039 Trevi (Perugia), T (+39) 0742.381021,,,,, Facebook Palazzo Lucarini,,



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